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Author:  wlwoody [ Thu Feb 02, 2006 9:10 am ]
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How do I initally configure Teleflow for development on a WIN2K and running production on a WINXP with a D/4PCI 4 Port card in the XP machine? <br> <br>From what I can tell, WAV files for development and VOX files for production. How is this controlled?

Author:  Chris [ Thu Feb 02, 2006 11:07 am ]
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There aren't really any special steps you have to take during development in order to ultimately deploy on Dialogic. (Although, you do need to be sure everything you wish to do is supported on the hardware you are using with TeleFlow. Call Conferencing and Speech Recognition with barge-in are not supported on Dialogic under TeleFlow) <br> <br>You are correct that for development/testing you will use WAV files, and the production system will use VOX files. When you have tested your application thoroughly using TeleFlow Simulator, and are ready to deploy on your production system, follow these steps to create your VOX files: <br> <br>1) Open your TAP in TFDesigner. <br>2) In the TAP screen (the first screen that opens when you open your TAP), there is a "Settings" icon. Double-click it to bring up the step properties. <br>3) Click the radio button for Dialogic. <br>4) Click OK. <br>5) You should be prompted to create the VOX files, if you are, click "Yes". <br>6) Your audio files directory (by default, Vox\Eng\Scripts subdirectories in your application's directory) will now have VOX versions of all your WAV files. (assuming you are adding your scripts to the system through the Voice Script Manager)

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