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 Post subject: Beginner Help
PostPosted: Fri Mar 28, 2008 5:03 pm 

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I'm wondering if someone can help me out. I've created a semi-simple teleflow application with a D4PCIU4SW card.

The idea is to build a unit capable of using an analog line(s) (1 to start but soon 4 or even 8) to get and give account information to the caller. The program I wrote in telefow works great using the simulator. But I've having a few issues with the voice card that I hope someone can help me out with.

The setup I'm using is clean install of XP pro. Typical install of dialogic's service release 6.0 with Service update 184. Typical install of telefow 2007 with update pack 2008-0220.

My first question is, being new to using Dialogic cards, anyone have any good information on configuring Dialogic cards (possible website even?). Right now the only change I made was to auto start the system.

Second, are there any changes I should make to telefow or the card for just using a basic analog line?

Third, I've had two issues with the card thus far. Last night part of the Dialogic software bombed that it blue screened and wouldn’t work until I repowered the entire unit. The other issue is that a few times the card would not speak even though Teleflow was actually running the TAM and speaking. Restarting telefow server didn't fix it but restarting the card did. Any ideas how to make the card rock solid as I can not have this card give me any more trouble since it's not onsite anymore?

Thanks for you help!

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 Post subject: Re: Beginner Help
PostPosted: Mon Mar 31, 2008 3:05 pm 

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The only things you need to do to make TeleFlow work with the Dialogic card - assuming Dialogic is configured/running properly - is ensure that TeleFlow Config is set to "Dialogic" for its telephony hardware setting, and that all the lines in your active application list file have the protocol set to lps0.

For the blue screen of death: How can you be sure it was caused by Dialogic? Were you working on something Dialogic-related at the time the blue screen occurred, and have you seen this (or similar) behavior more than once as a result of the same particular activity?

With respect to TeleFlow running but not speaking:
- Is it at all possible that not all the files in your application are .Vox files?
- If you call it once it stops speaking, does the system answer your call, but you can't hear anything? Or, does it look in the TeleFlow Monitor like it is still running, even while you're trying to call in to the application, and you get a busy signal?
- When you call in, and the system isn't speaking, will it respond to touch-tone entries at all? (if you punch in a couple of touch tones, and check the log, is it reacting to these in any way?)

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