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Welcome to the TeleFlow Wiki
This is the main page of the TeleFlow Wiki. For a complete list of information sources and services, please refer to the home page.

This website is for everyone who has an interested in computer & telephony integration, and not just TeleFlow users. Its purpose is to provide tools (development, file conversion etc), general information (how to install hardware), advice (where to purchase hardware etc), and connections to experts when you are in deeper than you expected.

The following general sections provide the general break down for the website, but as many pages are not linked directly from these sections, you may find the best results are provided using Search at the top of the page.

TeleFlow Forums
If you have a question about TeleFlow, are have having trouble overcoming an issue, or are wondering if there is better way of getting the job done, the free TeleFlow Forums are a great place to pose a question. Before you post, try the search, and see if someone has already found the solution.

About the Site
As this website is brand new, we are currently inviting everyone to join and contribute to this Wiki, as well as provide information about the systems and services you offer if it is related to computer related telecommunications. Once has become a community, users of TeleFlow Standard and TeleFlow Enterprise will then be offered membership. Until then, you may join and add information about complementary products to TeleFlow, suggestions & thoughts, and information about the computer telecommunications industry in general. Enjoy!

Comments Board
If you have just joined, and would like to tell us your story, or why you are interested in this website, please visit our Comments Board and leave us a note. If you have feed back about the site, this is the place for it.

Editing These Pages
Wiki's have emerged as one of the best methods to contribute and condense information by a wide and disparate community. Until you join the wiki, you will only be able to search and read information. If you would like to contribute, please join by clicking here. The site is using American English spelling, so please do not be offended if we adjust extensions from our to or, or modify language to make it world-friendly. We will however, do our best to be mindful of dry humour. For some quick editing techniques, click here. For advanced editing, please review the WikiText section in the WikiMedia website.