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EASE CT Solutions (Expert Systems, Inc.) was at one time a leading provider of voice application development tools for the exploding Computer Telephony market. Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia USA, its flagship product EASE, had been used in over 5000 systems installed in over 50 countries. EASE's website was Easey, but is now and aggregated page:



TeleFlow has built in tools to help developers convert EASE systems and solutions.


Clients currently using EASE software, who need to convert their systems, can contact us for more information on possible solutions or tools that are available to help.


If you have experience with Expert Systems EASE 4.2 and are providing services to current customers of EASE, please contact us for possible revenue generation opportunities involving Teleflow License sales, and consulting.


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Founded in 1984, the company has conducted extensive research and development efforts along with establishing key strategic alliances. With the evolution of PC technology and the emergence of PC based telephone interface cards, the founders recognized the potential for a rapid application development tool. In 1989, the first commercial version of EASE was introduced. Concurrent with the release, Expert Systems, Inc. was accepted as a charter member of the Dialogic Tool Kit Program. This alliance with the Dialogic Corporation continues today.

In the early ‘90s, EASE was marketed to major organizations for both OEM and private label distribution. While these channels served to grow the organization, the commercial market began to expand rapidly. Since 1993, the company's primary growth has been realized through Professional Developers, Fortune 1000 Corporations, Service Bureaus and International Distributors/VARs. In 1994, a focus was placed on expanding the sales to the International Market. Sales outside the US currently account for over 30% of the company's revenues.

In 1995, the company started providing application development targeted at large OEM customers and to its VAR channel. In 1996, the company entered into an agreement to develop applications for one of the leading providers of call center and voice related technologies to the health care market, National Health Enhancement Systems (NASDAQ: NHES). Headquartered in Phoenix, AZ, NHES’s success with EASE based applications was a catalyst for the company to evaluate the merits of merging the company behind the technology of EASE into their organization. In February of 1997, the merger of Expert Systems and NHES was announced.

On December 29, 1997, HBOC and NHES signed final acquisition documents that make NHES and its wholly owned subsidiary, Expert Systems, Inc., part of HBOC. HBOC is the leading provider of healthcare information systems and services to healthcare organizations throughout the world. This combined organization brings together significant competencies and resources from each company to best serve the needs of EASE customers. On January 13, 1999, HBOC merged with McKesson Corporation and began operating as McKessonHBOC, the largest healthcare information solutions provider in the world.

EASE CT Solutions, as a Business Unit of McKessonHBOC, continues to focus on its core technologies and distribution channels. The acquisition will facilitate enhanced capabilities with the EASE tool plus expand opportunities in the multi-billion dollar health care market for EASE based solutions.

Since the introduction of EASE in 1989, it has continually been enhanced to meet the needs of the market. In March of 1996, EASE for Windows NT was announced. With the now released NT version, EASE is available for cost effective 16 bit DOS/Windows and for the 32 bit Windows NT operating systems.

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