TeleFlow Development Road Map

TeleFlow Development Road Map

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This list is a quick representation of the projects that are current being worked on, or are being considered for community based develop in the immediate future. This does not include any parked projects such as MRCP or NSC Word-Spotting.

Development List

This following list is the

  • TeleFlow Open Source edition
  • TTS: current Neospeech version
  • HTTP Monitor (XML provided in order for PHP management routines)
  • Resolve outstanding SIP issues
  • TeleFlow PHP library
  • Wide support for NMS HMP
  • TeleFlow Improvements (as compiled by community)
  • Prep for Open Source: move licensing to external DLL
  • HMP: VoIP without 3rd party vendors
  • Advancement of speech recognition / more vendors


There are other advancements that we have planned, but have been withheld from this list, as they will be approached with TeleFlow Programming Contests.

Missing Support

If you are an advanced media company who would like to see TeleFlow support your product, please contact engenic directly, or review the open source version of TeleFlow to write your own support, and distribute plug ins.