TeleFlow Feature Matrix

TeleFlow Feature Matrix

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This section provides a product matrix of the features found in each edition of TeleFlow. Various Resellers and OEMs offering TeleFlow solutions may include additional programs and software than listed here.


Feature Edition
HYPE Standard Enterprise
TeleFlow Designer X X X
TeleFlow Monitor X X X
TeleFlow Simulator X X X
TeleFlow Setup & Configuration tools X X X
TeleFlow Listener: live listen-in           X
TeleFlow Audio Conversion Tools X X X
TeleFlow Server X X X
     In-bound call control X X X
     Out-bound call control      X X
     Transfer capabilities      X X
     IVR functionality:
- touch-tone processing (receive and send)
- audio play & record
- speaking data values (numbers, dates, times, etc)
- get letters
- file I/O
     Multi language support in system scripts X X X
     Text-to-speech capabilities*           X
     Speech Recognition capabilities*           X
     TeleFlow SpeechTrainer*           X
     Biometric Voice Identification capabilities*           X
     Full suite of programmatic steps:
- math, data formatting, variables, logical processing
     BASIC Script interpreter X X X
     Run external programs and call DLLs X X X
     Modular programming: run other TeleFlow flowcharts and applications X X X
     Data interface:
     Send E-Mail X X X
     HTTP support X X X
     HTTPS support           X
     TCP support X X X
     UDP support X X X
     Data encryption:
- encrypt/decrypt
- hashing
     X X
     Voice-over-IP support with SIP           X
     Conferencing           X
     Faxing           X
     Dictation           X
     Passive call recording Trunk side**      X X
     Passive call recording Station side (ie: PBX)**           X


* Additional licenses from third parties are required.

** This is a full install environment which includes the following components:

  • CallCapture Listener
  • CallCapture Reviewer
  • CallCapture Scoring
  • CallCapture Reporting
  • CallCapture Administration/Configuration

TeleFlow Enterprise requires additional files that are not available in the TeleFlow automated installation package. In order to receive these additional files, an online purchase of TeleFlow Enterprise must be performed. Please see the TeleFlow Register program to complete an online order.

Additional Services

Purchasing TeleFlow licenses for TeleFlow Standard and TeleFlow Enterprise also include membership to For more information on membership, please click here.