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TeleFlow Membership

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Two levels of membership are available for purchases of TeleFlow licenses, and apply according to the licenses purchased.


Membership Levels

TeleFlow Standard

Purchasing standard licenses will provide each email address with a user id and password to this web site, and provide you with access to change and add to most pages. Higher levels of contributions will provide you with a higher level of visibility in the community, potentially leading to contract awards and special offers set aside for active members.

This level membership does not provide any additional marketing for you products, but, you may mention them on your user page, where you may also create links to your website.

TeleFlow Enterprise

In addition to the same benefits as Standard membership, Enterprise membership also provides your company with a one marketing per product where you can promote your solutions and products to other TeleFlow users, developers and distributors worldwide.


In both level, active users will be recognized for their contribution, and suggestions for updates to products will be given a stronger weight. Capable developers may also be offered opportunities that are discovered by