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TeleFlow Open Source include source in TeleFlow Application, C++, PHP and Delphi. This code area will also include all the files you will need to participate in the TeleFlow Programming Contests. Should you decide that you would like to contribute to the Open Source projects, please do your best to follow the C++ Programming Practices guide.


TeleFlow Open Source - Environment

TeleFlow Server

The Open Source edition of TeleFlow Server will be announced in the near future. In advance of that, the TeleFlow Board API shows the structure of the TeleFlow model, and defines the functions.

TeleFlow VXML

Please see the TeleFlow VXML page for more information on this project. This open source solution is licensed under the GPL License.

TeleFlow Open Source - Projects

TeleFlow Chat Lines

Please refer to TeleFlow Entertainment for the related projects.

TeleFlow Dictation

This medical dictation application is available for implementation using the TeleFlow Enterprise environment. For more information about this environment, refer to the TeleFlow Dictation section and specifically the OpenDictation section for screen shots and downloads. This open source solution is licensed under the GPL License.

Other Open Source Initiatives

Over time, additional projects will be added to the open source list. Open source projects are also welcomed from the general community. In the near future Subversion will be provided in order to support version control.