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TeleFlow Steps

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This is a list of TeleFlow steps, just placed here for easy access. This list should be copied in from time to time from the TeleFlow Step XML list.

For a list of steps presented as graphics, please see the TeleFlow Steps List page.

Steps List

<TeleFlowStep ID="0000" Name="Tap               " Title="Application"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Application folder"                                                                       Help="The first page, or Tap page, contains all the Flowcharts (Tams) that comprise a TeleFlow application"/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0001" Name="Faxd              " Title="Fax Macros"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Fax macros database editor"                                                               Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0002" Name="Voic              " Title="Voice Scripts"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="Voice scripts database editor"                                                            Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0003" Name="Proc              " Title="Flowchart"             NonTitle=""                 Hint="Flowchart (.Tam) which contains steps (instructions) for TeleFlow Server to carry out"    Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0004" Name="Libr              " Title="Library"               NonTitle=""                 Hint="Library Flowchart which contains steps (instructions) for TeleFlow Server to carry out"   Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0005" Name="Note              " Title=""                      NonTitle="Notes"            Hint="Design notes about the this Flowchart or section"                                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0006" Name="Start             " Title="Starting Point"        NonTitle=""                 Hint="The point at which the application starts from"                                           Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0007" Name="Appl              " Title="Settings"              NonTitle=""                 Hint="Description and settings for the application"                                             Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0008" Name="Template          " Title="Template"              NonTitle=""                 Hint="Template Flowchart which contains steps (instructions) for TeleFlow Server to carry out"  Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0106" Name="VoxLowOpen        " Title="@@@"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="@@@"                                                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0125" Name="VoxLowClose       " Title="@@@"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="@@@"                                                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0135" Name="VoxLowPlay        " Title="@@@"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="@@@"                                                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0145" Name="VoxLowStop        " Title="@@@"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="@@@"                                                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0155" Name="VoxLowSpeed       " Title="@@@"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="@@@"                                                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0165" Name="VoxLowVolume      " Title="@@@"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="@@@"                                                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0175" Name="VoxLowPosition    " Title="@@@"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="@@@"                                                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0010" Name="AnswerPhone       " Title="Wait for Call"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="Wait for and answer an incoming call on a specific port"                                  Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0011" Name="PickUpLine        " Title="Pick Up"               NonTitle=""                 Hint="Pick up (answer) a call on a specific port"                                               Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0015" Name="PlaceCall         " Title="Place Call"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Place outgoing call on a specific port"                                                   Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0016" Name="TransferCall      " Title="Transfer Call"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="Transfer a call to a specific port"                                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0017" Name="LineFlash         " Title="Flash Hook"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Flash hook for conference or transfer"                                                    Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0018" Name="LineTone          " Title="Send TT"               NonTitle=""                 Hint="Generate touch tones"                                                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0019" Name="SetReorderTone    " Title="Set Reorder Tone"      NonTitle=""                 Hint="Define the tones that indicate when the other party has disconnected"                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0020" Name="Hangup            " Title="Hang Up"               NonTitle=""                 Hint="Hang up the current call"                                                                 Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0021" Name="BlockCall         " Title="Block Port"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Block calls with a busy signal on a specific port"                                        Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0022" Name="UnBlockCall       " Title="Unblock Port"          NonTitle=""                 Hint="Unblock calls previously blocked on a specific port"                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0025" Name="SwitchCall        " Title="Switch Call"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Switch the current call to another telephone number"                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0026" Name="SwitchCallDis     " Title="Switch Disconnect"     NonTitle=""                 Hint="Disconnect the last switched call"                                                        Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0030" Name="ProcStart         " Title="START"                 NonTitle=""                 Hint="Flowchart starting point"                                                                 Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0040" Name="ProcEnd           " Title="FINISH"                NonTitle=""                 Hint="Flowchart ending point"                                                                   Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0050" Name="TTGetKey          " Title="Menu"                  NonTitle=""                 Hint="(Formerly Get TT) Select a menu option with touch tone or speech"                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0060" Name="TTGetString       " Title="Get TT String"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="Get several touch tones for a number longer than one digit"                               Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0063" Name="TTGetLetter       " Title="Get Letter"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Get a letter by pressing touch tones"                                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0065" Name="TTClearBuf        " Title="Clear TT"              NonTitle=""                 Hint="Clear touch tones that have not been processed"                                           Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0075" Name="TTPending         " Title="Pending TT"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Get pending touch tones that have not yet been processed"                                 Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0080" Name="Label             " Title=""                      NonTitle="Label"            Hint="Label where programmatic flow continues from a go to step"                                Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0081" Name="Fatal             " Title="Fatal Stop"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Fatal end to the application"                                                             Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0082" Name="Point             " Title=""                      NonTitle="Connect Point"    Hint="Connector point used to draw lines precisely"                                             Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0083" Name="Unknown           " Title="Reminder"              NonTitle=""                 Hint="Reminder to add more here"                                                                Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0085" Name="Comment           " Title=""                      NonTitle="Notes"            Hint="Design notes about the this step or section"                                              Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0090" Name="Wait              " Title="Wait"                  NonTitle=""                 Hint="Wait for a defined amount of time before continuing programmatic flow"                    Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0095" Name="Message           " Title="Write Text"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Write text to the screen or file"                                                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0096" Name="SaveLog           " Title="Save Log"              NonTitle=""                 Hint="Write the last number of TeleFlow log lines as set in TFConfig"                           Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0100" Name="VoxPlay           " Title="Play"                  NonTitle=""                 Hint="Play voice message or recording"                                                          Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0105" Name="SetVoxVar         " Title="Set Play Variable"     NonTitle=""                 Hint="Set voice variable that refers to a voice script code"                                    Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0110" Name="VoxBeep           " Title="Beep"                  NonTitle=""                 Hint="Play a beep sound to prompt the person for information"                                   Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0115" Name="VoxSpeak          " Title="Say"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="Say a number or date"                                                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0120" Name="VoxRec            " Title="Record"                NonTitle=""                 Hint="Record voice message or recording"                                                        Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0121" Name="Dictate           " Title="Dictate"               NonTitle=""                 Hint="Dictate recording using touch tone edit controls"                                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0130" Name="FileDelete        " Title="Delete File"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Delete a file from a folder"                                                              Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0140" Name="VoxVolume         " Title="Set Volume"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Set play and record volumes"                                                              Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0150" Name="FileCopy          " Title="Copy File"             NonTitle=""                 Hint="Copy a file to a new file name or another folder"                                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0160" Name="ReorderEnable     " Title="Enable Reorder"        NonTitle=""                 Hint="Enable reorder tone detection"                                                            Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0161" Name="ReorderDisable    " Title="Disable Reorder"       NonTitle=""                 Hint="Disable reorder tone detection"                                                           Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0180" Name="TextSpeech        " Title="Speak Text"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Convert text to speech using a computerized voice"                                        Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0190" Name="TrigListen        " Title="Call Trigger"          NonTitle=""                 Hint="Passive listen to a port and wait for a triggering event"                                 Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0195" Name="TrigRecord        " Title="Start Record"          NonTitle=""                 Hint="Start an audio recording of a call"                                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0196" Name="TrigRecStop       " Title="Stop Record"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="End audio recording of a call"                                                            Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0197" Name="Streaming         " Title="Streaming"             NonTitle=""                 Hint="Enable or disable streaming of voice"                                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0200" Name="ConfOpen          " Title="Open Conference"       NonTitle=""                 Hint="Create a Conference for callers to join"                                                  Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0201" Name="ConfClose         " Title="Close Conference"      NonTitle=""                 Hint="Close a Conference and return callers to flowchart"                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0202" Name="ConfJoin          " Title="Join Conference"       NonTitle=""                 Hint="Connect caller to conference"                                                             Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0203" Name="ConfLeave         " Title="Leave Conference"      NonTitle=""                 Hint="Disconnect caller leave conference"                                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0220" Name="ReloadOn          " Title="Reload On"             NonTitle=""                 Hint="Enable the server to reload the current application"                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0230" Name="ReloadOff         " Title="Reload Off"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Disable the server from reloading the current application"                                Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0231" Name="BargeInOn         " Title="SR Barge-In On"        NonTitle=""                 Hint="Enable speech recognition barge-in"                                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0232" Name="BargeInOff        " Title="SR Barge-In Off"       NonTitle=""                 Hint="Disable speech recognition barge-in"                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0290" Name="VarControl        " Title="@@@"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="Set variables for advanced system processes"                                              Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0300" Name="VarSet            " Title="Set Global Variable"   NonTitle=""                 Hint="Create or set a variable value"                                                           Help="SetGlobal and Math steps have the ability to combine variables by placing them together.  For example, assuming: SetGlobal @VAR1="ABC", and SetGlobal @VAR2="XYZ", the following SetGlobal or Math @VAR3="@VAR1@VAR2" would produce the result "ABCXYZ".  In addition, mixed data can be provided by using braces. With SetGlobal or Math @VAR4="@{VAR1}123@{VAR2}789" would produce "ABC123XYZ789""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0301" Name="VarEdit           " Title="@@@"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="Edit variable in debug mode using keyboard"                                               Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0302" Name="VarRandom         " Title="Random Number"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="Create or set a variable value to a random number"                                        Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0305" Name="VarSetPriv        " Title="Set Local Variable"    NonTitle=""                 Hint="Create or set a private variable value"                                                   Help="SetGlobal and Math steps have the ability to combine variables by placing them together.  For example, assuming: SetGlobal @VAR1="ABC", and SetGlobal @VAR2="XYZ", the following SetGlobal or Math @VAR3="@VAR1@VAR2" would produce the result "ABCXYZ".  In addition, mixed data can be provided by using braces. With SetGlobal or Math @VAR4="@{VAR1}123@{VAR2}789" would produce "ABC123XYZ789""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0306" Name="RegRead           " Title="Read Registry"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="Read a registry key value"                                                                Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0307" Name="RegWrite          " Title="Write Registry"        NonTitle=""                 Hint="Write a registry key value"                                                               Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0310" Name="VarCmp            " Title="Compare"               NonTitle=""                 Hint="Compare a variable to another variable or value"                                          Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0311" Name="Case              " Title="Case"                  NonTitle=""                 Hint="Compare an argument against several possible case values"                                 Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0320" Name="VarMath           " Title="Math"                  NonTitle=""                 Hint="Perform mathematical functions on a variable"                                             Help="SetGlobal and Math steps have the ability to combine variables by placing them together.  For example, assuming: SetGlobal @VAR1="ABC", and SetGlobal @VAR2="XYZ", the following SetGlobal or Math @VAR3="@VAR1@VAR2" would produce the result "ABCXYZ".  In addition, mixed data can be provided by using braces. With SetGlobal or Math @VAR4="@{VAR1}123@{VAR2}789" would produce "ABC123XYZ789""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0324" Name="VarDateInfo       " Title="Date Info"             NonTitle=""                 Hint="Provide information about a date to a variable"                                           Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0340" Name="Format            " Title="Format"                NonTitle=""                 Hint="Reformat information to a variable"                                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0325" Name="FinCalc           " Title="Financial Calc"        NonTitle=""                 Hint="Financial calculations"                                                                   Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0350" Name="CreateDir         " Title="Create Folder"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="Create a new folder"                                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0355" Name="ScanDir           " Title="Scan Folder"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Scan for files in a folder"                                                               Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0360" Name="FileOpen          " Title="Load File"             NonTitle=""                 Hint="Load contents of a text file to a variable"                                               Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0365" Name="FileWrite         " Title="Write File"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Write contents of a variable to a text file"                                              Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0370" Name="UDPIPBind         " Title="UDP Bind"              NonTitle=""                 Hint="Bind (connect) to a UDP/IP resource or service"                                           Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0371" Name="UDPIPClose        " Title="UDP Close"             NonTitle=""                 Hint="Close (disconnect) from a UDP/IP resource or service"                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0372" Name="UDPIPSend         " Title="UDP Send"              NonTitle=""                 Hint="Send a packet to a UDP/IP resource or service"                                            Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0373" Name="UDPIPReceive      " Title="UDP Receive"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Receive a packet from a UDP/IP resource or service"                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0380" Name="Parse             " Title="Parse"                 NonTitle=""                 Hint="Parse a variable to locate text"                                                          Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0384" Name="CreditTrans       " Title="Credit Transaction"    NonTitle=""                 Hint="Send an E-Mail message via an SMTP mail server"                                           Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0385" Name="SendMail          " Title="Send E-Mail"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Perform a credit card transation"                                                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0386" Name="TCPIPConn         " Title="TCP Connect"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Connect to a TCP/IP resource or service"                                                  Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0387" Name="TCPIPDisConn      " Title="TCP Disconnect"        NonTitle=""                 Hint="Disconnect from a TCP/IP resource or service"                                             Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0388" Name="TCPIPSend         " Title="TCP Send"              NonTitle=""                 Hint="Send a packet to a TCP/IP resource or service"                                            Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0389" Name="TCPIPReceive      " Title="TCP Receive"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Receive a packet from a TCP/IP resource or service"                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0390" Name="Internet          " Title="HTTP"                  NonTitle=""                 Hint="Interact with an HTTP resource"                                                           Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0391" Name="XMLRequest        " Title="Simpull Request"       NonTitle=""                 Hint="XML request to XML server"                                                                Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0392" Name="XMLDiscon         " Title="XML End"               NonTitle=""                 Hint="XML close connection"                                                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0393" Name="XMLFetch          " Title="XML Fetch"             NonTitle=""                 Hint="XML fetch next record"                                                                    Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0394" Name="XMLLoad           " Title="XML Load"              NonTitle=""                 Hint="XML load page"                                                                            Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0395" Name="XMLWrite          " Title="XML Write"             NonTitle=""                 Hint="XML write to file"                                                                        Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0396" Name="XMLParams         " Title="Simpull Parameters"    NonTitle=""                 Hint="XML parameter definitions"                                                                Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0399" Name="VocRecSettings    " Title="Set HW Parameter"      NonTitle=""                 Hint="Set system (hardware) specific settings"                                                  Help="These settings allow adjustment, or tuning, of specific parameters for various hardware environments, and generally relate to speech recognition."/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0400" Name="VocRecInit        " Title="SR Acquire"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Speech recognition system initialization"                                                 Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0410" Name="VocRecRelease     " Title="SR Release"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Speech recognition system release"                                                        Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0420" Name="VocRecGetDigits   " Title="SR Get Digits"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="Speech recognition for spoken digits"                                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0430" Name="VocRecGetYN       " Title="SR Get Yes/No"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="Speech recognition for spoken words yes or no"                                            Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0440" Name="VocRecGetCmd      " Title="SR Get String"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="Speech recognition for specific spoken words"                                             Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0450" Name="VocRecPassReg     " Title="SR VoicePass Reg"      NonTitle=""                 Hint="Speech recognition registration for voice password"                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0451" Name="VocRecPassAuth    " Title="SR VoicePass Auth"     NonTitle=""                 Hint="Speech recognition authorization for voice password"                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0452" Name="VocRecClearBuf    " Title="SR Clear Voice Buffer" NonTitle=""                 Hint="Speech recognition clear any voice yet to be processed"                                   Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0455" Name="VocRecFlagResult  " Title="SR Flag Result"        NonTitle=""                 Hint="Speech recognition flagging of an uncertain utterance for later review"                   Help="See the SpeechTrainer product for morning information"/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0500" Name="AppCall           " Title="Run Flowchart"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="Run a flowchart and return to this point once completed"                                  Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0505" Name="AppRunTap         " Title="Run TAP"               NonTitle=""                 Hint="Run a TeleFlow Application (.Tap) and return to this point once completed"                Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0510" Name="AppGoto           " Title="Go to Label"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Go to a label on this or previously encountered flowcharts"                               Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0515" Name="AppVBScript       " Title="@@@"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="@@@"                                                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0517" Name="AppBasicScript    " Title="Run Basic Script"      NonTitle=""                 Hint="Run a Basic Script program"                                                               Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0520" Name="AppExe            " Title="Run Program"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Run an external program, batch file, or executable file"                                  Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0521" Name="AppDllLink        " Title="@@@"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="Link a DLL file in preparation for a function call"                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0522" Name="AppDllUnlink      " Title="@@@"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="Unlink a DLL file"                                                                        Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0523" Name="AppDllCall        " Title="DLL Function"          NonTitle=""                 Hint="Call in function in a linked DLL file"                                                    Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0524" Name="AppDllNetConn     " Title="NetConnect"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Communication to NetConnect"                                                              Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0525" Name="ComCall           " Title="Run COM Object"        NonTitle=""                 Hint="Run a COM object program"                                                                 Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0526" Name="ComProcOn         " Title="Process COM On"        NonTitle=""                 Hint="Allow COM processing to occur immediately"                                                Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0527" Name="ComProcOff        " Title="Process COM Off"       NonTitle=""                 Hint="Do not allow COM processing to occur immediately"                                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0528" Name="ComProcChanges    " Title="Process Changes"       NonTitle=""                 Hint="Process all outstanding COM changes"                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0529" Name="AppDllPlus        " Title="Plus Function"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="Call a plus custom function"                                                              Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0540" Name="SecHash           " Title="Hash"                  NonTitle=""                 Hint="Hash a string"                                                                            Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0541" Name="SecEncrypt        " Title="Encrypt"               NonTitle=""                 Hint="Encrypt a string"                                                                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0542" Name="SecDecrypt        " Title="Decrypt"               NonTitle=""                 Hint="Decrypt a string"                                                                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0550" Name="DigAcqLine        " Title="Acquire Port"          NonTitle=""                 Hint="Acquire a free port"                                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0555" Name="DigRelLine        " Title="Release Port"          NonTitle=""                 Hint="Release the acquired port"                                                                Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0560" Name="DigReqCall        " Title="Request Call"          NonTitle=""                 Hint="Request incoming call"                                                                    Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0565" Name="DigAnsCall        " Title="Answer Call"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Answer incoming call"                                                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0567" Name="DigAcptCall       " Title="Accept Call"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Accept incoming call"                                                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0570" Name="DigCanReq         " Title="Cancel Call"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Cancel incoming call request"                                                             Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0575" Name="DigRejCall        " Title="Reject Call"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Reject incoming call"                                                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0580" Name="DigRelCall        " Title="Release Call"          NonTitle=""                 Hint="Release current conversation"                                                             Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0600" Name="FaxOut            " Title="Fax Send"              NonTitle=""                 Hint="Place an outgoing call and send a fax document "                                          Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0610" Name="FaxIn             " Title="Fax Receive"           NonTitle=""                 Hint="Wait for and received fax document during incoming call"                                  Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0620" Name="FaxQueueAdd       " Title="Add to Fax"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="Add page to queue for fax document"                                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0630" Name="FaxQueueClr       " Title="Fax Clear"             NonTitle=""                 Hint="Clear queue for fax document"                                                             Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0700" Name="SetGlobal         " Title="Global Event"          NonTitle=""                 Hint="Set the label to go to for global events such as error and hangup"                        Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0705" Name="SetLanguage       " Title="Set Language"          NonTitle=""                 Hint="Set the current language for prompts"                                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0750" Name="SIPRegister       " Title="Register SIP URI"      NonTitle=""                 Hint="Set SIP URI with a SIP registrar"                                                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0751" Name="SetVoIPMedia      " Title="Set Media for VoIP"    NonTitle=""                 Hint="Set media for VoIP communication"                                                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0800" Name="SQLConnect        " Title="DB Connect"            NonTitle=""                 Hint="SQL connect to database"                                                                  Help="When connecting to a database, TeleFlow Server and Monitor will occasionally report errors which are generated by ODBC. Please be aware that these "errors" are often only warnings."/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0805" Name="SQLDiscon         " Title="DB Disconnect"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="SQL disconnect from database"                                                             Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0810" Name="SQLBeginSt        " Title="SQL Statement"         NonTitle=""                 Hint="SQL begin statement"                                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0815" Name="SQLLock           " Title="DB Lock"               NonTitle=""                 Hint="SQL lock record"                                                                          Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0820" Name="SQLBeginTr        " Title="SQL Begin Transaction" NonTitle=""                 Hint="SQL begin transaction"                                                                    Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0825" Name="SQLEndTr          " Title="SQL End Transaction"   NonTitle=""                 Hint="SQL end transaction"                                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0830" Name="SQLEndSt          " Title="SQL End"               NonTitle=""                 Hint="SQL end statement"                                                                        Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0835" Name="SQLFetch          " Title="SQL Fetch"             NonTitle=""                 Hint="SQL fetch next row"                                                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0845" Name="SQLCall           " Title="@@@"                   NonTitle=""                 Hint="@@@"                                                                                      Help=""/>

<!-- Action Steps (up until 1000)  -->

<TeleFlowStep ID="0890" Name="TTOther           " Title=""                      NonTitle="Others"           Hint="Path followed for other option or if caller does not press a visible TT action step"      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0900" Name="TT0               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT/Option 0"      Hint="Path followed for option 0 or if caller presses TT 0"                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0901" Name="TT1               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT/Option 1"      Hint="Path followed for option 1 or if caller presses TT 1"                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0902" Name="TT2               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT/Option 2"      Hint="Path followed for option 2 or if caller presses TT 2"                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0903" Name="TT3               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT/Option 3"      Hint="Path followed for option 3 or if caller presses TT 3"                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0904" Name="TT4               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT/Option 4"      Hint="Path followed for option 4 or if caller presses TT 4"                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0905" Name="TT5               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT/Option 5"      Hint="Path followed for option 5 or if caller presses TT 5"                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0906" Name="TT6               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT/Option 6"      Hint="Path followed for option 6 or if caller presses TT 6"                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0907" Name="TT7               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT/Option 7"      Hint="Path followed for option 7 or if caller presses TT 7"                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0908" Name="TT8               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT/Option 8"      Hint="Path followed for option 8 or if caller presses TT 8"                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0909" Name="TT9               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT/Option 9"      Hint="Path followed for option 9 or if caller presses TT 9"                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0910" Name="TTStar            " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT Star"          Hint="Path followed if caller presses TT Star (*)"                                              Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0911" Name="TTPound           " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT Pound"         Hint="Path followed if caller presses TT Pound (#)"                                             Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0915" Name="TTA               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT A"             Hint="Path followed if caller presses TT A (rarely used)"                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0916" Name="TTB               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT B"             Hint="Path followed if caller presses TT B (rarely used)"                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0917" Name="TTC               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT C"             Hint="Path followed if caller presses TT C (rarely used)"                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0918" Name="TTD               " Title=""                      NonTitle="TT D"             Hint="Path followed if caller presses TT D (rarely used)"                                       Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0920" Name="TimeOut           " Title=""                      NonTitle="Time Out"         Hint="Path followed if input is not received before time runs out"                              Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0921" Name="NoVoice           " Title=""                      NonTitle="No Voice"         Hint="Path followed when no voice is detected"                                                  Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0922" Name="SilenceTimeout    " Title=""                      NonTitle="Silence Timeout"  Hint="Path followed after a recording silence"                                                  Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0925" Name="Threshold         " Title=""                      NonTitle="Threshold"        Hint="Path followed if speech recognition could not understand what was heard"                  Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0926" Name="Speech            " Title=""                      NonTitle="Speech"           Hint="Path followed if speech recognition it taking place"                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0930" Name="Fail              " Title=""                      NonTitle="Failure"          Hint="Path followed if there was a error encountered"                                           Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0935" Name="Busy              " Title=""                      NonTitle="Busy"             Hint="Path followed if the call rang busy"                                                      Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0940" Name="Check             " Title=""                      NonTitle="Check"            Hint="Path followed if the comparison is true"                                                  Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0950" Name="Ex                " Title=""                      NonTitle="Ex"               Hint="Path followed if the comparison is false"                                                 Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0955" Name="Yes               " Title=""                      NonTitle="Yes"              Hint="Path followed for yes"                                                                    Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0956" Name="No                " Title=""                      NonTitle="No"               Hint="Path followed for no"                                                                     Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0960" Name="ActLabel          " Title=""                      NonTitle="Label"            Hint=""                                                                                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0970" Name="ActComment        " Title=""                      NonTitle="Notes"            Hint=""                                                                                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0980" Name="ActPoint          " Title=""                      NonTitle="Point"            Hint=""                                                                                         Help=""/>
<TeleFlowStep ID="0999" Name="Test              " Title=""                      NonTitle="Test"             Hint=""                                                                                         Help=""/>

<!-- Custom Steps (up until 9999) -->

<TeleFlowStep ID="9999" Name="ZZZ               " Title=""                      NonTitle="All Values"       Hint=""                                                                                         Help=""/>