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TeleFlow Downloads Section

You have reached the TeleFlow Downloads page. This area provides links to the various downloads that comprise the core development and service environment. If you have general questions about TeleFlow (including installation and compiling), please refer to the Forums where questions are answered and help is freely available. There are also other Open Source solutions that can be found in the wiki and forums.

Latest Release

TeleFlow 2010 (May 27, 2014) - Installer

This installer includes the latest version of TeleFlow Server and Designer. This is the commercial version of TeleFlow, and if used commercially, needs to be registered.

DOWNLOAD: TeleFlow 2010 Standard 64-bit
• 64-bit: TeleFlow2010x64.msi 39 MB

DOWNLOAD: TeleFlow 2010 Standard 32-bit
• 32-bit: No installer available, use TeleFlow2010.exe (build 2013.3.27) 47 MB
• Then apply the 32-bit TeleFlow Standard Update Pack (below)

To install the GPL version of TeleFlow Server, download the following file. It includes the latest executables (binaries) and the source code required to build them. The Source Code is licensed under GPL 3.0.

DOWNLOAD: TeleFlow 2010 Open (32-bit only)
• No installer available, use OpenTeleFlowBin2010.exe (build 2013.3.27) 47 MB
• Then apply the 32-bit TeleFlow 2010 Open patch: TFOpenBinPatch2014-0527.zip 47 MB

DOWNLOAD: TeleFlow Server GPL source code
OpenTeleFlow2010_2014-0527.zip 18 MB

Update Pack for TeleFlow 2010 Standard

This update pack updates any pervious version of TeleFlow to the latest edition. You will need to manually extract the zip file replacing the files of the installation provided for you in the "Binary Installer" section above. Generally, the installation folder for TeleFlow is "C:\Program Files\TeleFlow\".

DOWNLOAD: TeleFlow 2010 Standard Update Pack
• 32-bit: TFUpdatePack2014-0527.zip 20 MB
• 64-bit: TFUpdatePackx64_2014-0527.zip 20 MB

Previous Releases

Previous TeleFlow Installers

This section is for historical purposes only. The latest version (above) is recommended for all users of TeleFlow. Please select which version of TeleFlow you want to install. These are the commercial versions of TeleFlow and if used commercially, need to be registered.

2010 Release: March 7, 2014
TeleFlow Standard Edition
• 32-bit: Install the previous release (March 27, 2013) and apply the 2014-0307 Update Pack (below)
• 64-bit: TeleFlow2010x64_2014-0307.msi 39 MB
TeleFlow Standard Update Pack
• 32-bit: TFUpdatePack2014-0307.zip 20 MB
• 64-bit: TFUpdatePackx64_2014-0307.zip 20 MB
TeleFlow OpenSource (32-bit only)
OpenTeleFlow2010_2014-0307.zip 18 MB
TeleFlow OpenSource binaries (32-bit only)
• Install the previous release (March 27, 2013) and apply the current patch:
TFOpenBinPatch2014-0307.zip 18 MB

2010 Release: March 27, 2013
TeleFlow Standard Edition
• 32-bit: TeleFlow2010.exe 48 MB
• 64-bit: TeleFlow2010x64_2013-0327.msi 39 MB
TeleFlow Standard Update Pack
• 32-bit: TFUpdatePack2013-0327.zip 20 MB
• 64-bit: TFUpdatePackx64_2013-0327.zip 20 MB
TeleFlow OpenSource (32-bit only)
OpenTeleFlow2010_2013-0327.zip 18 MB
TeleFlow OpenSource binaries (32-bit only)
OpenTeleFlowBin2010.exe 47 MB

2010 Release: August 28, 2012
TeleFlow Standard Edition
• 32-bit: TeleFlow2010-2012.08.28 48 MB
• 64-bit: TeleFlow2010x64_2012-0828.msi 39 MB
TeleFlow Standard Update Pack (32-bit only)
TFUpdatePack2012-0828.zip 20 MB
TeleFlow OpenSource
OpenTeleFlow2010_2012-0828.zip 18 MB
TeleFlow OpenSource binaries (32-bit only)
OpenTeleFlowBin2010_2012-0828.exe 47 MB

2010 Release: October 13, 2010
TeleFlow Standard Edition
TeleFlow2010-1013 48 MB
TeleFlow Standard Update Pack
TFUpdatePack2010-1013.zip 20 MB
TeleFlow OpenSource
OpenTeleFlow2010-1013.zip 18 MB
TeleFlow OpenSource binaries
OpenTeleFlowBin2010-1013.exe 47 MB

2010 Release: November 24, 2009
TeleFlow "Updraft 4" Standard Edition
TeleFlow2009-1124.exe 46 MB
TeleFlow "Updraft 4" Standard Update Pack
TFUpdatePack2009-1124.zip 20 MB
TeleFlow "Updraft 4" OpenSource
OpenTeleFlow2009-1124.zip 16 MB
TeleFlow "Updraft 4" OpenSource binaries
OpenTeleFlowBin2009-1124.exe 46 MB

2010 Release: August 26, 2009
TeleFlow "Updraft 3" Standard Edition
TeleFlow2009-0826.exe 46 MB
TeleFlow "Updraft 3" Standard Update Pack
TFUpdatePack2009-0826.zip 20 MB
TeleFlow "Updraft 3" OpenSource
OpenTeleFlow2009-0826.zip 16 MB
TeleFlow "Updraft 3" OpenSource binaries
OpenTeleFlowBin2009-0826.exe 46 MB

2009 Release: April 8, 2009
TeleFlow "Updraft 2" Standard Edition
TeleFlow2009-0408.exe 46 MB
TeleFlow "Updraft 2" Standard Update Pack
TFUpdatePack2009-0408.zip 20 MB
TeleFlow "Updraft 2" OpenSource
OpenTeleFlow2009-0408.zip 16 MB
TeleFlow "Updraft 2" OpenSource binaries
OpenTeleFlowBin2009-0408.exe 46 MB

Release: December 18, 2008
TeleFlow "Updraft" Binary
TeleFlow2008.exe 48 MB
TeleFlow "Updraft" OpenSource
OpenTeleFlow2008.zip 18 MB

Earlier Editions
NOTE: Only install ONE of the following two options. It does not matter which one you select.
CT Developer Studio
This installer is a branded version of TeleFlow Standard, and can be downloaded from here:
CTDeveloperStudio2009-0408.exe 47 MB
TeleFlow Standard 2007
This installer is TeleFlow Standard, and can be downloaded from here:
TeleFlow2007.exe 48 MB

Previous Update Packs

TeleFlowUpdate2008.zip 11 MB

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