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This website is the home for the TeleFlow telecommunications development & deployment software, and the applications our user community create for it. We also provide helpful information and useful tools to aid you with many problems you may have with IVR, general telecommunications, and solutions from NMS Communications, Ai-Logix and Dialogic.
If you have been searching for an environment that provides an intuitive means to help you build, deploy and manage speech solutions, why not start here?
TeleFlow Downloads

May 27, 2014: New TeleFlow 2010 Released

We just released our latest version of TeleFlow, update 2014.0527. The version includes many improvements and fixes to the product. Download either the Standard or Open Source editions from our Download page. Use the TeleFlow Designer to build your application. The extraordinary flowchart-based IDE has integration to the teleflow.org wiki, so help is just a single click away. Test your application right on your desktop with the TeleFlow Simulator, and when you're ready, deploy on TeleFlow Server.

Other solutions, including those created in PHP (web applications), have been developed to work in conjunction with TeleFlow Server and can be found linked throughout the Wiki. To stay apprised of add-ons as they become available, please join the mail-list.

What is TeleFlow?

TeleFlow is a development and deployment environment for creating IVR & telecommunications systems. Flowcharts are created by snapping icons, which represent discrete functions, together using the Designer interface. The resulting flowcharts are effectively code which is then run by the Server software. This approach to application development works especially well with speech systems and is easily intergrated with other web applications. Get your speech applications working quickly, and leave the heavy processing to PHP (for example). Learn More!

News & Changes

September 26, 2008: TeleFlow Now Open Source

TeleFlow, a telecommunications solution initially created in 1993 for OS/2, is now available for all to build, develop, and deploy applications with. This is our most exciting shift yet, as TeleFlow becomes available to the world.

The Installers as well as Open Source (GPL 3.0) are available from this page. Later, we will host the core files on either Google Code or SourceForge.

Open source software and applications are available for use with the TeleFlow Standard and Enterprise products. Plenty of help is available here for related telecommunication products, but you can also provide information about your own solutions that incorporate TeleFlow in some way. We encourage you to contribute, express your skills, and help your fellow developer. Sign up and contribute!
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Also available on this site...
  1. People and Companies
    Developers - TeleFlow gurus who may have a solution for you
    Manufacturers - Organizations who create the hardware TeleFlow supports
    Resellers and After-market - Sources for hardware
    Hosting Companies - TeleFlow certified hosting facilities that can host your applications
    Blogs - Some interesting insights and thoughts
  2. TeleFlow Software
    TeleFlow HYPE - A great place to get started
    TeleFlow Standard - Functionality for most
    TeleFlow Enterprise - Complete functionality for encompassing solutions
  3. Projects and Open Source
    CallCapture - Call recording and monitoring for free
    Conferencing - Add a conference bridge to your application
    Dictation - Dictation for medical and other industries
    MedicalRelay - Series of solutions for the medical industry
    Quick VXML - Create VXML using TeleFlow Designer
    CampaignDialer - Automated calling with the option to connect people
    Entertainment - Connect people with similar interests
    Other projects - Projects that were started, but, need advancing by others
  4. Revenue and Opportunities
    Programming Contests - Open Source contests for advanced programmers who love C++
    Developer Contracts - Small projects to add functionality
    Application Hosting - Free TeleFlow for Hosts, if you are willing to share
    TeleFlow Distribution - Distribute TeleFlow, and take a cut of the revenue
  5. Services and General Information
    Support Forums - Ask a question, and get a response
    Support Tickets - Client side support with a quick turn around
    Wiki - Information and answers for the questions you have