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This medical dictation application provides the freedom to record dictations with any touch tone phone. It is used by physicians and doctors in the medical industry, but its functionality is general in nature, and can be readily adapted to any industry including legal. This TeleFlow solution includes a TeleFlow Application, PHP for provisioning and reports, and can be customized for any TeleFlow Enterprise environment solution by modifying flowcharts with the TeleFlow Designer development environment, and modifying PHP.



TeleFlow Dictation can be used to manage all telephony-based dictation needs within an organization, or offer a hosted solution with this flexible package. TeleFlow Dictation is a pre-built plug-in component, and may be customized and added to current TeleFlow applications, or be used as a stand-alone dictation solution.

TeleFlow Dictation offers full control of recording, replaying, editing and management of voice files by pressing touch tones on a telephone keypad.

Once completed, the TeleFlow system can then immediately send the dictation for transcription via email, a local computer network or through the Internet using a secure transfer protocol.

TeleFlow Dictation can be customized with the following:

  • business rules
  • route dictation files via email, network, ftp or internet connection
  • administration menu customization
  • user menu customization
  • multiple location, with separate billing, and dictation file delivery for each location
  • company-level custom prompts

This medical dictation application is available for implementation using the TeleFlow Enterprise environment.

Dictation Functions

The basic (open source) version of TeleFlow Dictation is called OpenDictation and includes the base TeleFlow application along with supporting PHP for provisioning and reports. Refer to the OpenDictation section for screen shots and open source files. The following applications components are provided for the basic application:


Adding clients and physicians is achieved using XML requests for MedicalRelay Provisioning. HTTP requests can be initiated from your current provisioning environment, or done via a custom application connecting to your customer management environment using SQL statements. Refer to the Dictation Provisioning section for information on default command structure.

Administration Web

This PHP application works with a MySQL database and allows clients or re-sellers to provision companies and physicians in the database using XML via HTTP. Reports to monitor system usage by client are available through this interface. This page includes access to reports, system health, current status, and also includes the ability to recall a dictation for immediate download. Screen shots are available in the OpenDictationsection.

Dictation Monitoring System

This PHP application works in conjunction with the TeleFlow Server and Sentinel software to ensure that all services are operating correctly. Should there be a problem with a critical application, visual and audio alerts will be provided so that any problems can be identified and resolved quickly. In addition, these pages can be scanned by other services to alert Blackberry or other mobile systems.


The default database for OpenDictation is MySQL, but can be replaced with any standard database. Refer to the Dictation Data Dictionary section for information about database structure.

Complete System

The complete system for this environment includes all the functions listed in the basic version as well as secure transfer, dictation compression, advanced reporting, and provisions for additional options. For more information on the complete version of TeleFlow Dictation, please contact engenic.

Other Options

Additional functionality is available from contributing organizations.

Dictation Recording Compressor

TeleFlow uses a high clarity 16bit 8000Hz Wav format for its recordings. This is superior to 8 bit recordings for clarity, but also creates a larger recording which may be problematic for data transfer. The compressor will convert the recordings to GSM 6.10 Wav, which is also a standard Wav format that can be played on any Windows computer. This compress creates files less than 10% the size of the standard recording. [edit] Secure Dictation Transfers

If you are transferring private information to a remote FTP server, a secure transfer application is available. This stand alone SSL FTP program has been created to send files using secure transfer. This application will also detect failed or incomplete transfers, and resend until the byte sizes align. The program will then update the MySQL database to indicate the transfer status. This is the component that sends the recording to a transcription company.

Dictation-Transcription Management

The Dictation-Transcription Management tool is an easy-to-use and affordable Internet-based solution that seamlessly automates the dictation-transcription process. Medical and legal transcription firms, hospitals, insurance companies and data entry service providers can use this tool to manage the entire process.

DTM provides medical transcription services to several hospitals, private clinics and crown corporations. This workflow management tool centralizes all the information in one location and allows physicians, transcriptionists and managers to completely manage and share all the necessary information.

  • Admin sections for transcriptionist, manager and physician
  • Interface to dictation system
  • Physicians can submit work created with PDAs
  • Dictation transcription tracking system
  • Batch upload and download of audio and Word files
  • Customization of document templates

Please contact engenic for more information.


Hosting options are currently available in the US and Canada. If you are outside these countries and interested in hosting dictation environments based on TeleFlow technology, please contact engenic.