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TeleFlow Enterprise includes advanced features that are not available in other versions of the product. These functions are included in addition to those provided in TeleFlow Standard.

  • Unlimited port licensing
  • Support for SIP, HMP, MRCP, VXML, HTTPS
  • Faxing
  • Dictation
  • Conferencing
  • Speech Recognition and Text to Speech
  • SpeechTrainer for Speech Recognition environments
  • Voice Verification for Biometric support
  • Call recording events for call recording and monitoring systems. See CallCapture.

Please refer to the TeleFlow Feature Matrix for a breakdown of the functions available in each edition of TeleFlow.

  • For a list of the applications included in TeleFlow Enterprise, click here.
  • For information specific to the Designer including screen shots, click here.


As a TeleFlow Enterprise user, support items and feature update requests are set to priority. If you have not not purchased TeleFlow Enterprise, and need to have questions answered before you can make that decision, please pose them on the TeleFlow Forums.

Special Considerations

Speech recognition systems are considered to be complex speech solutions. The reasons for this run deep, but primarily as concerned with the following items:

  1. Your users (callers) have the option to speak at any time
  2. Poor cell phone quality can ruin utterances
  3. A sudden loud noise can interrupt the current statement
  4. Graduated roll outs require a high degree of tuning. (TeleFlow provides SpeechTrainer for this purpose.)

Building a speech recognition system requires attention from a wide group of users, and usually several developers. Accordingly the decision to build a speech recognition system should not be taken lightly. For more information on the considerations for this decision, please refer to the Developing Speech Recognition Systems section.


As a TeleFlow Enterprise user, your receive membership on where you can promote your solutions and products to other TeleFlow users and developers worldwide.