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Established in 1994, engenic (Vancouver, Canada) is the company that created TeleFlow, and operates this website:


For more information about contributing to this website, or if you would like to represent TeleFlow or a TeleFlow related product, please contact us. Images and press information about TeleFlow and teleflow.org are available here.


engenic is responsible for licensing TeleFlow Server, and has create the following products that use it:

  • MedicalRelay - Dictation / Reminder Calls / Lab Results
  • StaffRelay - HR Solutions for Manufacturing and Services


engenic provides consulting and development services for companies, government and military throughout North America. Data integration with telecommunications and web servers, as well as reporting are common solutions. Some of its more well known customers include Campbell Soup, Government of Canada, La-z-boy, US Air Force and Unisys.

Contact Us

engenic Corporation
618 - 1111 Melville Street
Vancouver, British Columbia
V6E 3V6

Toll Free: 1.888.engenic
Telephone:   604.639.6391
Fax: 604.639.6392
Website: http://www.engenic.com/
email: sales@engenic.com