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The following section provides details on the MedicalRelay series of products that are available for TeleFlow. Please contact engenic for more information.


TeleFlow Appointment Reminder

TeleFlow AppointmentReminder component is MedicalRelay application that provides automated appointment reminders. This applctaion can be hosted or on premise and is a great way to decrease no shows and cancellations that are prevalent in so many professions.

The aplication uses the TeleFlow Dialer compnent to call a list of uploaded or manually entered phone numbers. Done both professionally and easily, MedicalRelay Appointment Reminder provides the exceptional customer service clients look for today. With optional integration to your scheduling system, MedicalRelay allows the ability for clients to change appointment, check available time slots and reschedule without having to speak to a member of your staff.

TeleFlow Dictation

The TeleFlow Dictation application allows anyone on-site or off-site to record and dictate notes, messages and reports for transcribing or attaching them as "voice notes" to customer or patient files. An open source version of the TeleFlow Medical Dictation is available as OpenDictation and includes all the components needed to set up a host dictation environment.

TeleFlow LabResults

TeleFlow LabResults is a medical application that can be carried over to test and grade results. In the medical field, having the ability to provide test results quickly to patients is time sensitive and so labor intensive. Have it available from any telephone, 7x24, 365 days a year via web and have it HIPPA compliant and secure.

TeleFlow VoiceSurvey

The TeleFlow VoiceSurvey: allows you customers, callers, prospect and patients to "speak their mind"... really! The are of the short and sweet survey is often over look because of having to call and ask questions. With VoiceSurvey you can automate and give a voice to your audience, change it on demand.