TeleFlow Application Hosting

TeleFlow Application Hosting

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If you are seeking hosting application server for telecommunications to host applications on, might have what you are looking for. TeleFlow Enterprise edition is available for hosting companies at no charge so long as you are willing to also host certified applications, which you shall receive additional revenues for providing.


TeleFlow Applications

Your Applications

You may run any applications you have created, or deployed by others or for others. There is no limitation on what you may deploy. The only consideration in this regard is that there may be shared resources such as databases which my preclude the deployment of systems where shared resources are an issue.

Certified Applications

Should a an application be deployed, it will be a certified application. Certified applications that are written exclusively in TeleFlow with optional PHP and database components, and are reviewed by before being deployed. They will most likely be connected to and commanded by XML requests.

In many cases, hosted applications will make outgoing local calls only, and at times where the server has additional resources so that there is no loss in service. Please refer to the TeleFlow Dialer XML section on how requests are provided.

As long as your system is available to the internet TeleFlow Host will renew its license automatically every few weeks. Should you decide to opt out of this program, you may do so at anytime. At that time, if you wish to continue operations, you may purchase the commercial license for TeleFlow.

All call information will be provided to you real-time so that you may track the progress of the entire system.


In order to qualify for this program, you will require T1/E1 hardware or SIP, a server with IIS/Apache PHP, telecommunications service, and the ability to deploy a communications service. You do not need to have the service running at five-nines, but the more stable the environment is, the greater opportunity there is for additional revenue.

For more information about this program, please contact engenic.