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TeleFlow HYPE is a voice application development suite which enables individuals, companies, and government to create and manage diverse customized communications solutions.

TeleFlow applications are created by simply clicking together icons, or steps, into flowcharts. This "see everything" development approach helps to make the resulting flowcharts easy to understand, especially for people not familiar with traditional software programming.

TeleFlow applications may be developed using NMS Communications, Intel/Dialogic Ai-Logix voice hardware or without voice hardware, testing within the simulator environment.

TeleFlow Hype is an up to four port (per computer) version of TeleFlow which provides all the functionality you need to develop and test voice solutions. Much of the functionality available in TeleFlow Standard and TeleFlow Enterprise is also available in Hype. You can use it for a personal project, or for your business.


The functions Hype performs

Here are some of the features in no particular order: Answer Call, Place Call, Transfer Call, Flash Hook, Send Touch Tone, Set Reorder Tone, Hang Up, Block Port, Unblock Port, Switch Call, Switch Disconnect, Menu, Get Touch Tone String, Get Letter using Touch Tone, Clear Touch Tones, Write Text to File, Play Recording, Set Play Variable, Beep, Say Number, Date or Time, Record Voice Recording, Delete File, Set Volume, Copy File, Enable Reorder, Disable Reorder, Set Global Variable, Set Local Variable, Generate Random Number, Compare or If Statement, Case Statement, Math, Date Information, Format String, Financial Calculator, Create Folder, Scan Folder, Load Text File, Parse Text, Send E-Mail, TCP/IP Connect, TCP/IP Disconnect, TCP/IP Send, TCP/IP Receive, HTTP Client, Run Flowchart, Run Another TeleFlow Application, Set Label, Go To Label, Run BasicScript, Run External Program, Run DLL Function, Hash, Set Global Event, Set Language, Database Connect, Database Disconnect, SQL Statement, SQL Fetch, SQL Begin Transaction, SQL End Transaction, Database Lock, XML End, XML Fetch, XML Load, XML Write, and others!

TeleFlow has been used to develop and operate systems for Government, Military, Entertainment, Industry and Telecommunications. With TeleFlow HYPE, you have everything you need to develop (using Designer), test (using Simulator), implement (using Server and NMS, Ai-Logix and/or Intel/Dialogic) hardware, and manage (using Monitor) your telephony applications.

Additional Tools and Utilities

Here are some of the extra utilities available with Hype: VoicePlayer to review and convert voice recordings from WAV to VOX to WAV, SoundTransform to manipulate sound files in many ways (includes VAP conversion), ScreenCapture to quickly save screen shots to compressed PNG, CodePad to edit familiar file types, DataLoader to load ASCII files to databases, and ADOConnect to build connect strings for databases.

Help and Support

Free help is available for Hype users through TeleFlow Forums, and by searching this website. There is also a walk through on how to get started with TeleFlow found here.

What is Not Included

Membership to is not included with Hype, and nor is much of the advanced functionality found in TeleFlow Enterprise.