TeleFlow Projects Parked

TeleFlow Projects Parked

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This section is dedicated to products that were developed for TeleFlow and the hardware and software services it supports, but are no longer being advanced. The reason to park the software may have been done for any number of reasons. If you are interested in continuing the development of the project, please contact the company listed for information.


TeleFlow WordVerify

TeleFlow Word Verify provides a scalable word spotting solution which enables the extraction of meaningful language from previously untapped assets. This component provides an effective solution to automatically review previously recorded dialogue and deliver flagged results which contain relevant words or phrases. Once TeleFlow WordVerify flags content based on search parameters, the results can be displayed and reviewed with visual cues for the spotted words.


  • Wordverify GUI application
  • Dll to linkTeleFlow Server to communicate to NSC Communications word spotting hardware
  • Small Web site application


This system was demonstrated at SpeechTek in 2006 and included a link for TeleFlow Server to communicate to NSC Communications hardware. engenic would be interested in providing the base source code. A partnership with NSC would need to be formulated, and a reseller agreement for TeleFlow Server signed.


Please contact engenic for more information about source code and taking over parked projects.