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Getting Started with TeleFlow can be straightforward if you understand the basics of software development. Often no additional expertise is required to build a basic voice application. Developing voice applications to work with database, web feeds can get complicated, and building a large system to handle the needs of a large service may require careful planning to ensure success. is currently in the process of creating a community which will identify developers who possess the skills needed to develop web integrated voice solutions. Purchasers of TeleFlow Standard may contribute to this web page, and purchasers of TeleFlow Enterprise are entitled to promote the products they create using TeleFlow.

Developers who decide to join the teleflow community automatically become Standard Contributors or Enterprise Contributors depending on what level the choose to adopt.

As the community grows, this page will be populated with links to trusted organizations who possess the skills to develop applications. For additional information, or if you are interested in having your company represented, please join the community and learn more.

The site will also feature continually updating information on useful software, ranging from handy batch commands to complete system installations.