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TeleFlow has been used as the foundation for many voice personals, chat lines, singles lines, party lines, wild-sides, and romance lines across North America. If you are interested in developing and deploying chat lines, the Voice Personals, a TeleFlow Generic Singles voice application, is a good place to start. In fact, you may be able to deploy an entire application at no cost, if you become a TeleFlow Application Hosting site.

The following applications are currently being made available as GPL open source.


Voice Personals Line

Voice Personals is a fairly simple voice application available for you as a starting point to build a custom entertainment system. Because it has been developed using TeleFlow, it can be customized fitting many different business requirements. This application was deployed at a location which has since ended its operations, so we have chosen to make this application available for you to download and modify. Generally it has most of the components you will need to create a fully automated voice application by, but we expect that you will probably link it to a web site for much of its automation.

Voice Personals is a voice-mail system specifically created for entertainment systems where subscribers can record greetings for other callers to review, record user profiles which are matched against other subscribers, change their greeting or profile at any time, browse other subscribers based on matching profile information, listen to greetings as well as leave messages for other subscribers, and listen to messages left by other system subscribers and callers.

This application is starting point, and may or may not be an ideal solution. There are no warranties or guarantees for this system, so use at your own risk. Please note that in most cases it will almost certainly need upgrading to run on MySQL or Postgres. Voice prompts in this application can be changed to any other business target or the template can be used to create any enhanced application. If you have improved on this system, you are welcome to write about and link to the application here.


A full listing of the scripts recorded for the Voice Personals click here.


There are two TAP applications for the system:

  • GENTRANSNUM.TAP: this application was created to generate a new mailbox number
  • SINGLES.TAP: this is the main application for Voice Personals and will be described in this document


This section gives a point form description of the functionality of the Voice Personals application.

  • Log-in using Membership (Box number) and Pin Number
  • Membership is created automatically by the system
  • User creates the pin number
  • First Time caller have a special treatment when no time has been purchased

First Time Callers

First time callers can get a free membership to browse the system. They can create its profile and a mailbox but they can receive messages or leave a message in other mailboxes until purchasing a membership. Purchasing process is:

  • System ask to record the user address and spell the last name
  • System ask for credit card information (number and expiration date), or
  • System ask for check information or money order information
  • System leave the information in the DB
  • Administrator get Credit Card approval Off line

Time Purchase

An aspect of the system that was prominent at one time was purchase by telephone. This code will probably be ignored as web purchasing is a good deal easier for most users.

  • Users can purchase time based on weeks or months. Purchase time process is the same than used for first time callers.
  • Once the time has expired, users are not able to leave or receive messages in the mailboxes
  • User receive a message that time has expired and can go to purchase more time

User Profile

Profile is created based on:

  • Area Code
  • Phone number
  • Name (recording)
  • Age
  • Category (Choosing a category)


There are 4 categories currently available:

  • Female seeking Male
  • Male seeking Female
  • Male seeking Male
  • Female seeking Female

  • Browse other caller greetings selecting a category
  • System ask for a minimum and a maximum age to create a range for browsing
  • System plays greetings available in the system for the chose category. User can skip any greeting.
  • Expand options (browse other categories or setting other range of age)
  • Leave a message on other caller’s mail box
  • Hear message left by other callers in the user mail box


The Administration environment was at one time provided via a telephone interface. This section is probably redundant, as web interfaces are a much more efficient interface. Admin password for administrator for:

  • Approve/disapprove personal greetings
  • Approve Bulletin Board Messages
  • Hear Office messages
  • Record promotions

Data Dictionary

Please refer to the Voice Personals Data Dictionary.


Download the open source (GPL) Voice Personals from the following link:

Other Applications

Over time we will add other entertainment systems that were created for general use. If you have an application you would like to share, consider making it and your services available.