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LumenVox Speech Recognition software is the standard speech recognition server that is available for TeleFlow.


LumenVox Speech Recognition Software – SRE Version 6.0.949

LumenVox provides the software that allows enGenic’s TeleFlow applications to perform speech recognition. This must be installed on the Voice Application Server(s) for any TeleFlow Application to use speech recognition. LumenVox must be licensed/registered and running for any speech recognition to work properly. See the TeleFlow Help file for details on LumenVox registration.

LumenVox: Shutting down and Restarting

If LumenVox hasn’t started properly, or there seem to be recognition or licensing errors, it most easily shut down and restarted by restarting the computer. See ‘Voice Application Server – Shutdown and restart’ in the ‘SERVICE PROCEDURES’ section of this document for instructions on how to safely shut down/restart the computer.

Determining LumenVox Version Installed

1) Go to \Program Files\LumenVox\SRE directory.

2) Locate file: LVLib.dll.

3) Right-click LVLib.dll and select "Properties".

4) "File Version" in the "Version" tab contains the version number installed.

About LumenVox

LumenVox provides accurate and affordable speech recognition software together with a committed focus on excellent customer service. Its innovative speech technology empowers channel integrators, developers, and solution providers to design and deploy dynamic speech solutions. LumenVox has gained industry recognition by winning over 25 awards for innovation, technical excellence, and user's choice for its Speech Engine and Speech Tuner. LumenVox can be reached at +1 858-707-7700 or at

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