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NeoSpeech is the fastest growing provider of speech technology and applications for the mobile, enterprise, entertainment and education markets. We offer the highest quality Text-to-Speech engines available today for U.S. English, and all major Asian languages. Our VoiceText TTS engine is available in configurations and footprints for a wide range of embedded devices, desktop and network/server applications, making it the most flexible high-quality TTS solution on the market today. We also offer voice animation, and applications in language learning and automatic outbound notification. NeoSpeech is privately held, headquartered in Mountain View, California and backed by the resources of Voiceware Co., Ltd. of Korea and Pentax of Japan.

TTS Products

Our Text-to-Speech (TTS) solution, VoiceTextâ„¢, generates extremely high-quality, natural sounding human voices from text input. VoiceText is a flexible out-of-the-box solution available in configurations for a wide range of hand-held devices, desktop and network/server applications. It is currently available with a total of eleven different voices that speak US English, Korean, Japanese and Mandarin Chinese.

Focus on Key Applications and Verticals

NeoSpeech is heavily focused on working with partners to develop new products in application areas, which we can mutually "naturally own". Our competence in core speech technologies combined with our experience in developing and delivering specific applications is unique.

For example, we have worked with publishers and content providers to build several proprietary applications that use speech-in and speech-out capabilities as components of the user interface. Also, we are working with partners providing advanced CRM (customer relationship management) solutions to deliver automated outbound notification applications where our TTS engine produces immediate, personalized telephone messages for enhanced interaction and communication with customers. As both an applications powerhouse and core technology innovator, NeoSpeech is uniquely positioned as the only fully focused, full value chain provider of speech-enabled applications in the markets we pursue.

Business Development

NeoSpeech works with a variety of partners to develop and customize our speech technology applications to their specific need. If you are interested in becoming a partner, contact us at