How to edit a wiki

How to edit a wiki

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Use the following commands to make the pages look nice. Please note that if you use headers and default formatting in OpenOffice, you can export to WikiText and paste it into a wiki.

=Top Title=  // Note: Try not to use this level, as it is the page title case
===Sub Title===
''  Italics  '' 
'''  Bold  '''
*   First level bullet
**  Second level
*** etc
  • First level bullet
    • Second level
      • etc
#   Numbered item
#   etc
#   Num level 1
#   Num level 1
##  Num level 2
##  Num level 2
  1. You
    1. don't have to
    2. count
  2. If
    1. you
    2. don't want to
---- Underscore entire line
:    Indent paragraph
<pre> Stuff here </pre>  -- Puts a dotted box around code, or XML etc 
<tt> Stuff here </tt>  -- Mono spaced font 

Tables are easy too

{| border="1" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5" align="center"
! This
! is
| a
| table!

Creates this

This is
a table!

Links to external websites are done by using a single bracket around the URL with a space separating the URL and name. For example:

[ engenic ]

will look like: