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Jump to: navigation, search was created to help people find the software they need to create speech solutions with, to find information on how to do it, to provide solutions created by others, and to receive help from people who may have special knowledge. It was also created to help interested parties generate revenue. The follow sections provide a number of ways in which this can be achieved.


Programming Contests

If you are a programmer who is looking for a challenge, see the section on TeleFlow Programming Contests for information on projects which have prize money attached. Please note, these are not contests that the average programmer will stand a chance at.

Developer Contracts

The occasional contract will be put to bid. Some contracts may only require a few hours, and others potentially a good deal longer.

Application Hosting

If you would like the TeleFlow Enterprise edition for hosting your application for free, we may have a solution for you. There is only one catch: You need to sign an agreement so that we can pay you money to host the applications of others when you application is not busy. For more information, check out the TeleFlow Application Hosting program.

TeleFlow Distribution

The nature of TeleFlow is such that it can be used in virtually any industry. Targeting every industry is not a viable means of marketing. is seeking representatives who can reach user bases and provide an installer. Licenses purchased with the installers will mean a cut of the revenue for you. For information, please refer to the affiliate TeleFlow Distribution program.


As mentioned, helps people provide solutions created by others. If you are interested in reselling or providing consulting for applications created by others, why not see if they are searching for you.