TeleFlow CampaignDialer

TeleFlow CampaignDialer

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CampaignDialer is a suite of components built around TeleFlow Server for dialing a set of telephone numbers (campaigns) with a specific recorded message (wav or mp3) or TeleFlow application. Web reports provide real time results of the campaign.

Uses for CampaignDialer include awareness, special message, and reminder messages.


  • GUI for recording and converting MP3 to standard Wav file
  • Web pages for uploading files to server
  • XML for communications
  • PHP application for reviewing progress
  • PHP reports and totals
  • Balancing for multiple campaigns running at once
  • Priority time sensitive messages
  • Optional call transfer connect option

XML Definitions

Information about the XML definitions used to send voice messages and call lists to CampaignDialer is found here.