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TeleFlow Version Numbers

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As of the February 29, 2008 version of TeleFlow, the version number of the Server is built into the executable. This release will be available on the website on March 7, 2008. Versions of TeleFlow prior to February 29, 2008 did not include version information within the TeleFlow Server executable.

There are several reasons for this change:

  • There was no easy way to correctly identify the version number of the TeleFlow installation, without reviewing the TeleFlow logs. The executable needed to be running to discover its version.
  • There was confusion over which product held the correct version information, as the Designer would have a different version number than the Server's logs would show.
  • Automatic updates were not possible without this information within the executable.

The last point bears some explanation. In the past, users of TeleFlow would need to visit the website that supported it in order to determine if an upgrade was available. As of version v2008.2.29 the TFRegister program has been replaced with an enhanced GUI application that will communicate to and check for available updates, and then enable to user to automatically download and install the latest release, including files for the Enterprise edition, should they should exist.

Older versions of TeleFlow can only have the version information determined by reading the TeleFlow Log files (tfserver.log and application log output) in the first line. These versions of TeleFlow Server will have as their version number when reading the version information in the executable.

Getting the TeleFlow Version number of TeleFlow newer than February 28, 2008

1) Find TFServer.exe in Windows Explorer. By default, TFServer.exe will be located here: C:\Program Files\TeleFlow. If it isn't, you can find the TeleFlow installed directory like this:

i) Go to Start >> Run >> Type "regedit" and click OK

ii) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\enGenic\TeleFlow in the registry

iii) The string value "InstalledDirectory" indicates where TeleFlow is installed on the computer

2) Use Windows Explorer to locate TFServer.exe. Version information can be found in executables by the following method: Select Icon of the Exe >> Right Mouse-Click > Version Tab

Getting the TeleFlow Version number of older versions of TeleFlow

1) Go to the TeleFlow log directory in Windows Explorer.

2) To determine where the TeleFlow log directory is, go to Start >> Programs >> TeleFlow >> Server Tools >> TeleFlow Configuration. The "Log Directory" is displayed in this window.

3) In the log directory, locate TFServer.log, or TFServer[date/time stamp].log. Be sure to refer to the most recent copy of the TFServer log file.

4) Open the file, the TeleFlow version number will be in the first line of the log file. (And will likely be expressed as "build number")