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This section provides links to applications currently available for TeleFlow.


Complete Solutions

This section contains the links to complete applications that are available for use with TeleFlow, or include TeleFlow as a part of a wider solution.

Open Source is actively rolling our source code for open source under the GPL. A a list of projects that are in the process of being opened, or are already opened, refer to the TeleFlow Open Source section.

Other Applications

This section provides a quick description of other applications that have been built for TeleFlow.


TeleFlow VoiceVerify makes secure telephony a reality, by providing a convenient and extremely high level of security for callers who access sensitive materials via the telephone. Telephony applications can be securely accessed with TeleFlow VoiceVerify where high security or voice verification is required. The TeleFlow VoiceVerify component authenticates users using the unique biometric characteristics of a person's voice, and is therefore exponentially more secure than using touch-tone digit entry for passwords. TeleFlow VoiceVerify compares a caller's voice with the stored voice-print associated with the system user, and once verified, grants authorization to access the desired information.

Parked Projects

TeleFlow has been used to develop projects since 1993. It was written in way that no code has been left behind. As in any business, some projects are deemed to be left behind due to any number of reasons. The TeleFlow Projects Parked will occasionally have projects and source code added so that if anyone or company sees an opportunity to revive the project, you will have a good head start.